Bye Bye Snowflake

After a week since snowflake suddenly got sick and has problems with her hind legs, we brought her back again to the doctor.

Snowflake did not get better but is getting worse instead so Doctor advised to let her rest. For good. We are not an expert so we let the doctor take control while Mann just sat in the corner looking a bit lost.

Snowflake got 2 injection. First is a pain reliever and the second one is the killer injection. And just like that for a sum of 54 euro or about 3500 pesos, she was gone. It’s funny how life is easily taken away. But if snowflake is left in the wild, she would not survived long as well. The fox and other predator will make it quick for her and she would die from fright and pain. I guess we can console ourselves that we did it better for her.

To think it was just some months since she was born and looking so cute every day as we watch her grow.

Snowflake will be greatly missed.



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