A Filipino Catholic Mass in Dresden

The Filipino community in Dresden organized a Tagalog Catholic Mass to be followed by a potluck Salo-Salo/ Gathering for Merienda or as the Germans call it: Kaffee und Kuchen Zeit.

As a non-practicing Catholic, I thought to ignore it but Mann the Atheist said that it could be an interesting experience. 😅 So off we go with food as my sole motive.

It was thought that there will be some 30 attendees only but quite a lot of “lost sheeps” showed up including us. The mass was not in Tagalog as hoped for because the priest turned out to be a Bisaya and you know how it is. We simply suck in Tagalog and is much more comfortable with English.

At the salo-salo, everyone was talking of making this Pinoy Catholic mass a monthly thing and a possibility of having a sinulog festival in Dresden.  Something to look forward to as well. Nevermind that I am basically there for food and to hear people talk my own language only. This means that you will not see me promising anything or signing any registration form. 😅

Have you attended a Catholic Mass lately?



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