Acrobatic Gymnastics World Cup 2024

There was no training last week because the trainer and some groups flew to Burgas, Bulgaria to compete in world cup.

My boy always talk about Daniel and how good Daniel is and we do not really know who the kids are in the group or what they have accomplished until I went to read more about this sport. Unbeknownst to us, our small town has been training kids that are holder of world champion titles.

The world cup is currently running until tomorrow and I would like to congratulate all of them ahead. I do not really understand how the ranking works and all but its not easy to get there in the first place so we can only be amazed with their presentation.

As for my boy being the next contestant, I will not push for it. The training is hard and it is for him to decide and work for it. Currently, he is happy with his group and newfound friends.

P.S. picture from Deutscher Sportakrobatik Bund who supports athletes in this field.

Livestream from Burgas on the third day with Germany Team around timestamp 1:31:55



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