AI App: Photolab

Saw it in every friend’s post in facebook and of course this Marites will not be left behind.

I downloaded Photolab on my phone and for VIP access, I need to pay about 8 euro and some cents per week. I signed up for free trial and downloaded about 400 pictures before cancelling my subscription. I ended up NOT paying a single cent. Hello, Asian cheapskate here after all.

The photo results are a “Chad” version of me with smooth skin and a cup C breast even. Who wants another Sub5 or Normie version of me when reality is already scary enough. So it was very interesting to see a different pretty version that could have been me in real life in another parallel dimensions perhaps. But then it got boring after some days. It cannot compare with the real and original version.

One thing about this AI app is that it has not perfected the eyes and the hands yet. So some pictures looked cross-eyed to me or that I have 6 fingers and so on.

Have you tried Photolab yet?



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