At girl’s school, all test papers require a signature from parents. But I cannot sign the last Mathe exam and wrote a note instead. The paper came back the next day with corrections which I can finally sign.

Lessons that my girl can learn from this activity.

1. Never ever sign anything that she has not fully read, understand and agree. But I think this is something I need to learn also because  I am sometimes too lazy to decipher all those German tax gibberish and just sign whenever Mann asks for it. He did not make me sign any death insurance yet however so I am still safe. Wheww! 🤣

2. If she thinks she is correct, stand/fight for it. Being too kind or not wanting to argue or complain does not help anyone if it is at the expense of their own sanity.

3. If she is wrong, the world does not end. Write it down, learn from it and as what we always say in my student days, charge it to experience.

Just two weeks and 3 days to go before my girl says goodbye to Class 3. And based on feedback from teachers, she is doing quite well in school. She knows what to do and finishes them quickly enough so she has more time to play. 🤭

How is your kid at school?



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