Frustrations of a Mediocre

Mann is taking a break from Chess.  He likes the game, watched different youtube channels about chess and studies openings.

Then this weekend, we went to visit a family friend from Syria (smart people with IQ 100++++ most probably) and this guy who does not know much openings and plays for fun showed Mann how to really play it.  🤣

I know this feeling. Like in school, it takes me ages to solve a math problem and then this girl, whose name shall not be hidden and we will call her CYNTHIA, can solve it in mere minutes. 😵‍💫

I mean, what the F@%##££.  What does she eat to have a brain like that???

Back to present, girl just told me the other day that she was confident that she will get a grade of 1 but it is just always 2. Told her the world will not end with grades of 2 so, as most Filipino people say: Don’t worry, be happy. 🤣

Are you frustrated sometimes at being Mediocre?



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