Mathematically Correct

We hope that our girl will be able to go to Gymnasium soon. Because we believe in “reference” and if surrounding people are having great ideas/attitude and working/studying then there is a good chance that our kids will be the same.

Not 100% true for all case but a good chance at least.

No pressure from us. I hope. And by this, I mean that we are not up on her ass everyday making sure she does nothing but study. That is not how it works. Important is that she make use of her time while she is in school so listen and learn while in the class. Outside the class then she can play just as hard as well.

Then my girl showed me yesterday her math test and she wanted some explanation because she does not know why she made a mistake.

Mathematically, there is a balance in both sides of the equations. There is a simple solution of course but still, NOT completely 100% wrong.

However, 14÷3 = 4 R2 is absolutely correct. So why was this marked as wrong???

Mann told me to raise this to the teacher because everything is mathematically correct actually.

Grrrrr! Why not HE go to the teacher instead and they can all talk in German to their heart’s content. 🤭



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