Plant Thief

At our front yard, someone stole my dwarf cherry tree that was blooming quite nicely since yesterday.

Can you believe that? Just uprooted the whole thing from the pot.  I would assume its premidated and carried a bag with them because we cannot see crumbs of soil that will lead us to where they took it.

At least they did not took the pot which was much more expensive than the plant. We just hope they took care of it as well as we did for the last two years.

Talked with our neighbors and they were thinking of putting up a security camera around their property.  Saw the price and between 700 euro security camera vs 40 euro plant, Mann concluded they can just take the plant away.

But what if they take something else next time? This is the second time my flower plant has been taken away and sadly, we do not think it will be the last time.

Do people stole plants in your area?



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