Us, being a UNIT

The other day, Mann said that our kids do not cry much. If you do not count the crocodile tears because they did not get their chocolate egg/toys/whatever then the answer is no.

Compared to Mann’s troubled childhood days with drunkard father in GDR times to mine with absentee parents because they work day and night, my kids have it easy so far.

Something both Mann and I strive for each and every day.  We still have about 12 years to go however before we can relax and another decade or two to see if we are still in speaking terms before we can conclude that we did well.

As I watched my kids slept last night with arms stretched wide across, how I wished ALL kids are sleeping as soundly and peacefully as them.  Unfortunately, this is not the case everywhere.


Mann: Do you want to be a power ranger when you grow up?

Boy: How did you know papa?



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