Catholic Mass + Pre-Independence Day Pinoy Party

The 3rd Catholic Mass organized by the community was held yesterday. I wanted to be there only when eating starts actually which is held AFTER the Mass but my atheist husband is curious and wanted to hear what the priest has to say.

Since people complained that previous Mass was held in English, the poor priest has to adjust and stutter at some of the words as he read through the tagalog script. And Mann complained as he did not understand a single word.  I did told him to be there when food is available only didn’t I? 🤣

So anyway, I will write more about my favorite part of the day which is eating history. 😅

June 12 is the date set when Philippines became independent from 333 years of Spanish colony.

There were a lot of “rebels” and revolutions against Spaniards back in 1800 of course but deciding factor is this Spanish-American war in which the American won.

So we got freed from Spanish and became a colony of America.  And then there is Philippine-American war that follows until finally American granted Philippines its independence on July 4.

So why oh why it is declared june 12 as our independence day instead of July 4 when we are finally not a colony of any other nations? 🤔 Do you know?

But that is all in the past now. What matters most is bihon pancit, biko and cassava cake.

Happy Independence day Philippines!



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