Oma and Opa is Coming to Town

After 10 days from date of application, my parents got their passport back with a visa valid for 1 month. During this month, they will NOT just stay in our house the entire time and do household chores or look after grandkids. That will be too boring. And they are not their nanny or our servants either.

So we made a nice itinerary that involves a day or two in different schengen countries.

And all these cost a lot of money of course but we are going Dutch with my parents or KKB (kanyang kanya bayad) as we call it in Philippines. Mann and I pays for us and our kids while my father pays for himself and his wife.

It is truly nice if your family in Philippines does not depend on you financially just because you live and work in other country. I hope yours are financially self-sufficient as well.



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