🇵🇭 from Philippines
🇩🇪 made Germany a second home
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 a wife of 1, a mama of 2
⌨️ environmental compliance projects
🎻 self-learning violin

My name is Karlota.

And I come from another jungle called Philippines. But now I live in Germany with my family since 2013.

According to my school certificate, I am a chemical engineer who fortunately works at home with flexible hours and stares at material reports for Environmental Compliance/Regulation purposes.

My German may be appalling, but my Bisaya is good, Tagalog is okay, and English is better. This blog is supposed to be bilingual to help me improve my German, but I like to cheat with Google Translator so I gave up on that idea.

Still, it’s another therapeutic outlet for me with high hopes of boring you to death.

Have fun reading anyway…