D Major and Frere Jacques

I feel like I am ready for Wagon Wheels, Volume 2 of my girl’s violin book so I checked out Pro-Am Strings for youtube tutorials but then she was babbling about “Scales and Arpeggios” and I wonder what kind of animal are those and if we still live on the same planet.

But before I start panic buying for more violin books that I will NOT be able to understand/read anyway if I cannot find a video tutorials that goes along with it, I discovered Music with Meg, another Youtuber. Fast Forward to Lesson 7 and I learned how to play Frere Jacques and D Major Scale which contrary to how it sounds, is not that scary after all.

Lesson 8 will be about slurred bowing which is something to learn at some other time.

Moral Lesson for the day: Slowly but Surely. There are gazillion things that I do not know yet about violin but important thing is I learn something new today at least.

Have you checked out Music with Meg yet?



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