Fiesta at Hotel Spanischer Hof

Saw a flyer at Kindergarten and it read: free entrance, big kids’ festival with drinks and snacks provided. And I knew immediately that it is calling our name. 😁

Located about 20km from us, we travelled all the way there today to see what the festival is all about. And it did not disappoint. Kids can get pasta, sausage in bread, ice cream, Brause drink AND water if they get to collect 3 stamps at least after each activities they joined in.

Of course I was also tempted to collect stamps for free food because I have a size of 12 years old after all. But no, I did not embarrass anyone today. It was nice enough for the Hotel Spanischer Hof along with other sponsors to organize this activity for the kids. No need to abuse it just to save a few euros.

Have you been to the Hotel Spanischer Hof yet?



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