Hengelhoef is a vacation park near my sister’s place in Belgium.

We do not like camping much so we are happy to book a small and very basic cottage for ourselves.

Some things to remember though when staying at this vacation park:

1. Bedsheets cost extra and you have to put the bedsheets by yourself.

2. Towels and toiletries are NOT available and we ended up borrowing some from sister.

3. You need to clean up before you leave the place.

4. Bring your own dishwasher soap.

5. There was no built-in bathroom so we have to walk a bit to get to the public toilet.

There are a lot of things to do in the Hengelhoef that includes a nice and indoor swimming park but we still managed to check the surrounding area like biking through the water in Bokrijk and trying out Iskander at Ali Baba which I really liked.


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