🇵🇭 from Philippines 🇩🇪 made Germany a second home 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 a wife of 1, a mama of 2 ⌨️ environmental compliance projects 🎻 trying to learn violin

Hello Tochter

Someone once told us that I might have to go through a Cesarian because of my “small hips”. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, my hips as well as the hips of millions of other Asian women are just fine and many were still able to give birth naturally. Good thing that childbirthing in Germany even in…

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Fortress Königstein

Pregnant and hiking a mountain? But we did it slow and enjoyed the sceneries. Many hours later, we finally reached the top. And the view down below was just as lovely as the huge piece of sausage that I was eating. There are still other mountains to explore in Sächsische Schweiz but next time perhaps…

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Puto Maya

Did not think I will be trying my hand on cooking puto maya. A lot can happen when you are desperate. Puto Maya is like cooking rice but I use sticky rice, coconut milk, add some ginger for that nice smell and a bit of sugar. It turned out good. Unfortunately, mango does not tastes…

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