fishing phishing peesing.

Who does not like an extra bucks? I do. But with all the trainings received from work to the point that our IT boss begged us to NEVER EVER click any links, you learned to pay attention. Besides, Mann always tell me that there is no such thing as FREEBIE in this hungry world. Or at least an offer that does not come with strings attached.

So before clicking that red button, think again. and again. and again.

Some tips learned from the training:

  1. check the email address. German office does not have an email address
  2. Oh, money at the click of the fingertips? Definitely a scam.
  3. Sense of urgency or deadline. Hello! Why should I be rushed to anything especially from someone who does not even feed me?
  4. Check the google oracle for other sources. If German office is really giving away a refund then it should be on the news from respectable company.

In case you did click on those links, good luck and let’s hope you did not use one password only for all your online accounts!



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