When neighbors started dying and suddenly everyone in the house got high fever, they immediately think of one word: Covid-19.

They quarantined themselves and did not go to the hospital because there is no cure anyway and who wants to pay a hospital bill of 1.3 million pesos (€21.000) straight out from their purse?

Tuob is what the great great great grandmother always declare as the cure for all. It is otherwise known as steam therapy.

So there she is, my mother bent down on the floor with a blanket over her and a steaming water filled with ginger, lemon and whatever herbs available in the refrigerator. Then it was my father’s turn. And then my cousin. They got better after a day or two. Hailed themselves a covid-19 survivor and patted themselves on the back for remembering the old advice.

They will never know or believe that it was not covid-19 actually but who am I to belittle at their beliefs?



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