An Arabic Time at Chemnitz

An acquaintance from Syria invited us to their place. Since there was a balloon festival on the same day, we travelled earlier to check it out and enjoy one of our favorite Hungarian snack called Trdelník. Not sure how you pronounced this but I call it Trudelnik. Have you tried one yet?

Later in the afternoon, we get to try Arabic food. It was my first time to try Bulgur and eating it with a joghurt was an interesting combination. Have you tried Bulgur also?

After the meal, the guy with IQ of 100+ showed us how to play this musical instrument called Oud before playing chess with Mann and bringing him close to tears with each and every game.

It was a good day. Something I will never be able to experience if I did not become acquainted with them.

In some days, we will be visiting another acquaintance who are Kurdish. I wonder what delicious foods I will be eating then also. I have this great plan of trying to befriend a lot of people from different backgrounds so that I will be able to enjoy different foods that I will never get to try otherwise.

I have no shame when it comes to food. 🤭



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