Fine Singapore

I was backpacking in Singapore about 20 years ago. I find it an expensive city after converting my Pesos salary to Singaporean Dollar. I thought it was my first and last visit.

But this Summer however, we decided to make it our stopover between Philippines and Germany instead of the usual Bangkok. And it was not so expensive anymore when I convert my Euro Salary to Singaporean Dollar.

We stayed in Peninsula Excelsior somewhere in City Hall and it was near the metro station at the city center so everything is within our tentacles.

The hotel is OLD. Pictures in shows a nice picture taken 50 years ago perhaps so it can be misleading. But we are there for 4 days only and breakfast was lovely so we are happy enough.

What to do in Singapore? Walk. A. Lot. 🤭

We checked the Fort Canning Park and the museum so we learn something and feel “smart” at the same time. Of course it offers free entrance so I am all for it otherwise, hasta la vista baby. We skipped the restaurant however because a slice of cake costs as much as my kidney.

Then there is the iconic Merlion Park, the Garden by the Bay, River Wonder and Sentosa Island, etc. In other words, you can easily create an itinerary to keep you happily preoccupied when in Singapore.

All in all, its a pretty advance multi-cultural peaceful country. More advance than Germany in a lot of ways with their QR-codes scanning system and robotic dish server. But unfortunately, it is a country where foreigners are likely to stay foreigners inspite of having worked and lived there for 20 years. For the Filipinos at least.

Have you been to Singapore yet?



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