Mango Float in Germany

Mango float is a famous easy no-bake dessert that is quite famous in Philippines. It calls for honey graham crackers, nestle’s all purpose cream, sweet condensed milk and of course mango. Getting all the correct and exact ingredients in Germany would cost more so I thought to experiment anyway using common items found in Germany and give it a try.

200 grams Butterkeks, the original, crushed and mixed with about 30 grams melted butter

500 grams schlagsahne, 170 grams milch mädchen gezuckerte kondensmilch and slices of mango.

Layer the butterkeks with the cream combo similar to lasagna and then keep in freezer until it has solidified.

It tastes like the mango float I know and Mann asked why it took me 8 years to make it in Germany. I asked myself also the same question. 🤔



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