There is no Schulanfang in Philippines so there are many question mark for me until the day finally arrived.

For foreign mother in Germany, this is how it works for my kid who will be going in Klasse 1 (First Grade) in Sachsen.

Friday evening: Give Zuckertüte to the Teacher

Saturday is the Schulanfang and we all go to the school with kids bringing their schulranzen (school backpack). There was some presentation, pictures were taken and then teacher gave the kid their zuckertüte, more pictures, and then we go home for our lunch

Sunday: Ruhetag, Quiet/Lazy Day

Monday: First day of regular class. Back to work for us parents.

I survived the Schulanfang. Even dressed up and look official. Our next Schulanfang will be in 3 years.

P.S. I cheated and ordered a naked cake. The cake does not taste so grand so not ordering one ever again.



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