Paint by Numbers from Liebeart

Liebeart is a German word and it means Love art. The website is in German and contact info is in German. I therefore expected a German product.

So when I did not receive the Paint by Numbers item after a day or so, I started going through the details. It was noted that it will take 7 to 14 days before item will arrive because they have to prepare it and print it on a canvas. Little did I know that it was because it has to be sent all the way from China and it arrived so ugly wrinkly that I can’t believe I paid 25 Euro for it. 

The product looked like something you bought from aliexpress instead except that it was priced twice as much.

But other than being wrinkly, the set is complete with canvas, paints, brushes and even a magnifying lens to help you see the numbers. My girl is currently busy with it now so we will see what the result will be.

And because I am curious, I went to check Aliexpress and bought a set for only 12 Euro inclusive of shipping.  I will check later how is it like as soon as it arrived.

Have you tried buying items from liebeart yet?



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