Kyota Ko’s Horror Tales of Japan

Saw an instagram reel and was drawn to this guy’s Japanese shirt with fish print and I wished I could buy the same shirt for Mann. Then I clicked further and found out that he is an author. Curiousity kills the wallet so bought myself another book for the holiday and here it is.

It contains 21 folktales with the first being the Murderer of Rokubu and it explains the Japanese’ love for the moon that it can kill you or make you into a murderer.

The next time someone asked me why I want to travel to Kyoto, I need to remember to answer: “to see the moon”. Charoot.

It sounds deep or weird if you think about it. But somewhere in Kyoto is an artificial Osawa pond that was created by the 52nd Emperor in the ninth century where people can enjoy the double moon. One on the sky and the other is the reflection on the water.

The author Kyota Ko has written 3 books and this was just a test. I think I need to buy the other two as well when I am done with this.

Have you read any of Kyota Ko”s books yet?



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