The Potato King

It was not easy to get the people eat and enjoy this wonderful plant from South America called Potato back in 1770.

King Fritz of Prussia (where Sachsen and east of Germany used to be part of) ordered his best soldiers to guard the potato field but they can relax at night. Curious over what the soldiers were guarding, people stole some at night and that is how they started to eat them.

In France, they conquered the people by fashion where the King Louis XVI and his wife Marie-Antoinette uses the flower of potato as hair decoration.

In Russia, Czar Nikolaus I simply do it by force and ordered the people to eat them.

And that is for history lesson today. 😁

Happy 3rd Advent people!

P.S. This book by Niemann was nicely illustrated and perfect for my girl to read out loud to her little brother.



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