Unboxing Primavera 200 Antiqued Outfit, Full Size

My violin is here. And I was used to the teeny weeny violin of my daughter that I find the full size gigantic for now.

Need to learn and get used to it all over again.

Violin was set up in “gold” by Gear4Music when delivered which means Aurora Larsen strings is installed, bridge has been set up, lubricated and calibrated. The nuts, pegs and soundpost has been lubricated and/or calibrated as well.

What I only did is to tighten the horsehair on my bow, apply rosin on the horsehair, download a tuner app and tune the strings which is nerve-wracking because I might break the strings while turning the pegs.

But all went well, and started to practice again back in volume 1 of Stepping Stones.



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