Violin, Self-Learning

My 8 year old girl is currently taking a violin lesson. When she practices at home, I have no idea if she is practicing correctly or not. So I took upon myself to learn violin too.

Using my girl’s 1/2 sized violin, several youtube videos and Stepping Stones book by Katherine and Hugh Colledge, I started to know where is G, D, A and E string. First is the plucking of strings, then holding the bow properly and currently learning how to use first finger.

There is a sense of accomplishment every time my brain sees the note and I get to hit the right string for that note. And that’s how it started for me. All self-learning. Not sure if it is possible exactly but I am trying it anyway and working on it piece by violin piece.

If you wanted to try self-learning violin also, you might want to check this youtube channel as well: Pro-Am Strings and Kennedy Violins



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