Fiedel Max

I told myself not to spend any money yet until the next payday but sometimes I have no control of my fingers. Or maybe I do but I am just confident that if worse comes to worst, Mann ist da! 🤭

So here I am, another violin book for 14 euro. Just because I am curious and one can never have enough books anyway.

Saw some kids in girl’s school using a different violin book and like my mom before me who does not want the kids to be left behind, I have to check it out myself. 

So this book comes with completely different songs than what was covered by Katherine and Hugh Colledge and there are 31 of them which is about 5 more songs. Worth the money for sure.

And I got the feeling that I will enjoy using this book too. I just hope my girl will too.

Do you use Fiedel Max series also?



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