Loboc River Resort

When I asked for recommendations I was told about grand hotels like Henann Resort. Eco/Nature Stuff is not high on their list yet so when we said that we will be at Loboc River Resort, it does not impress them.

But we love this resort. We thought that mosquitoes love it that we are also here but my girl got more mosquito bites (24 in total) in Singapore than at Loboc.

The food at the restaurant is not so scary pricey. We love our 100 pesos mango float and as for breakfast, it was the first hotel we’ve been that serves mango.

Things to do at this resort includes fishing, watch the monkey feeding activity, yoga, stand up paddle, kayaking and firefly watching which we never tried because according to the receptionist, they cannot promise if there will be a firefly since it depends on the firefly. 🤣

If we have known that this resort will be lovely, we would have skipped Bohol Tropics and stayed here longer instead.



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