Crows: Public Enemy Number 1

Near our new house, there is a huge tree with several crow nests that are hated by people because they find the crows very noisy. So they wrote a nice letter to the environmental people requesting the cutting of tree branches.

Response from Environmental people:

  • the nests have been present when the land was purchased so you know its existence already beforehand.
  • forced removal of nests means transfering your problem to other people
  • there has been no news of actual attack from crows on children but we will consider if you have evidence to the contrary otherwise your mention of threat to children is just all talk
  • if you can provide scientific proof on where the birds will migrate after cutting the branches and can guarantee its safety, then we might consider your request..

My opinion: everyone should just be happy that its only birds and not people singing karaoke all day long.

According to Husband, even a single tiny frog can bankrupt someone in Germany if intentionally killed. I said that it is nice that Germans worry about frogs. In Philippines, that frog would have long been eaten already. 🤣



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