At a Pet Shop

Went to a pet shop to inquire and check out the prices because we promised our girl a pet bunny for her birthday.

Here are some interesting things about the local pet shop.

1. Selling Philippine stick insect for 5 euro. I wonder how much a tiki and toko (small and big lizard) will fetch. We have a lot of those at home. I was counting the money I could earn already until I realized that I am in Germany and they have a bureaucratic system more painful than a hemorrhoid. 🤣

2. They sell dried fish as fish food for as much as 8 euro per 200 grams. I am jealous with the fishes here because I love to eat dried fish. 😋

3. Outdoor Rabbit stall costs about 230 euro or 13,000 pesos. Mann, the Engineer, will see if he can build one instead and save some euro.

All in all, we learned that initial cost of having a bunny can ran anywhere from 700 to 1000 euro and they need an annual immunization. We will see if we can do it much lesser than this.

Do you have a bunny and how much is the initial cost in raising one?



2 thoughts on “At a Pet Shop

  1. dried fish as fish food?
    This filo fish wants me some! Lol.
    My daughter and husband sorta wants a pug. Floats the idea around me as if there’s a chance in hell I’ll say yes. (Nope. None at all.) It’s too much having to pay for pet insurance, on top of all the other things that pets need. I’d much rather spend my time and my money on art stuff even though I still suck at it.

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