Letters and Papers

Boy made a letter for his Gymnast Acrobatic trainer and it says here: Beste Trainerin. I try to convince him to use another paper because I am not sure if his trainer can read it but he can be stubborn.  My girl also wrote a letter of appreciation to her teacher.  I let the kids be but I was just thinking how they can use a lot of paper. 🤪

In my time, I do not do this because that would be a waste. I even try to sell some papers in school to add to my allowance.

In my mom’s time, she has to go to the mountain and harvest some nipa leaves so she can exchange it for paper.

In my grandmother’s time, she is busy putting blood on her skirt and hiding from the japanese soldiers. That and marrying at 14 and having 11 kids.  She definitely has no time for any paper at all. 😅

And that is our history with paper.



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