Family Link

There was a news lately of a 9 year old girl on her way to school who went missing and found dead of a violent crime and that a 36 years old was detained in Prague in relation to it.  Any parent would be worried so here I am resetting all kids’ tablet and testing Google’ family link.

While we do not believe in completely banning gadget and screen time, setting boundaries however is a MUST.

And so far, the family link works and here are the things I liked about it:

1. I can lock the gadget with just a swipe.

2. I can set time limits and I get notified which apps the kids have downloaded and blocked apps that are not  appropriate. 

So far all good. I do not know though if i will ever be notified if there are strangers trying to connect or send messages to my kids through games they are playing. 

Are you using Family Link? Or is there better app out there that you can recommend perhaps?



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