Secondary School in Germany

School System in Germany is confusing for someone like me who came from the carabao island.

Primary school from grade 1 to 4 is the same for all. Afterwhich, depending on their grades, kids are segragated between hauptschule (lowest) realschule (middle) and gymnasium (highest).

But what is this oberschule and mittelschule about and where do they stand among this list of secondary schools? 😬 

Mann however long long time ago in a galaxy far far away was recommended for Hilfsschule, school for learning impaired kids. 😅 But Mann is forever grateful to this one teacher who voted against it and gave him a chance to go to regular secondary school at least where he started to get interested in school, excel in Mathe and move on until he finished his Diploma.

It is interesting how one’s life can also depend on someone’s decision instead of your own.



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