Dual Citizenship in Germany

Almost 11 years in Germany and still a pinoy. Either I am too lazy to work on all those papers or did NOT see the reason for it until I read this news: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-65180538

So everything might be okay now but you just never know in the future when I am a bedridden oma and facing the threat of deportation because I was simply not able to travel 3 hours to the Philippine embassy in Berlin for passport renewal. If it happens in Sweden, it can very well happen in Germany as well.

But finally, German lawmakers voted to change the law and making it a possibility for dual citizenship. It is NOT the current law yet but there is an agreement to change it and that is already a good start.

Now I am thinking of the what ifs as well and I guess it makes sense to have a german passport because:

1. I only have my parents left in Philippines and when they die, I don’t have a compelling reason to spend money and travel there.

2. Plane ticket to Philippines is now bloody expensive when I can use the money to see other places instead.

3. I don’t have a property in Philippines and never really plan to acquire one.

4. Having the only different passport in the family bothers me a bit.

5. The possibility of not having to apply a visa to Japan, South Korea, Canada and many places like the rest of my family is nice. Never mind if I will actually have the time and oportunity to be able to travel there in the first place but you never know. 🤭

6. And finally, no worries of possible deportation in the future.

Is there a dual citizenship in your country?



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