A Beautiful Garden, Lebnatene

As far as I know, Germans are more likely to rent an apartment instead of owning a property and then some distance away, they also rent a garden area. Some of the gardens have been abandoned however until a group of people decided to make a non-profit organization and adopted these gardens. And that is how Lebnatene, which means Leben ist Natürlich Energiereicher, came to be.

Entrance and the way to Lebnatene is a bit obscured. Definitely not commercialized with a big sign to advertise the place. Seemed to be opened everyday  including weekends and there is no entrance fee. But I do wish they put a donation box somewhere at least so we can drop something to show our appreciation.

Currently a guy is working on the area and his kids are all over the place instead of being busy staring on their phones. I would think people here are more down to earth and not consumed by materialistic stuff than some people I knew back in Philippines.

I really like where I am now in my life.



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