Hay Naku at Elbhangfest

Brought our bicycles and scooters for the first time on a trip and it worked surprisingly. I mean, we did not talk or plan about it in details. We just knew that parking in the city near a festival will be bad so we brought our rides, found a free parking spot and just started rolling. And unknowingly, we made a straight line formation immediately like a pro. First the papa, then the oldest girl, followed by the youngest boy and me the last.  We enjoyed it and we knew that it will not be our last.

It was advertised that festival will have a free entrance and so I am for it. Also, we heard that one of the pinoy has a food stall so we made it our pitstop. And it is so heartwarming how other pinoys checked in as well and posting it in facebook with a hashtag #haynaku. Something not planned also but in a German festival, a pinoy food is out there making a wave.

It was a hot day and we do not have the appetite for a full pinoy food but thankfully, a dessert is also available which we enjoyed: mango sago ice cream, ube turon and stracciatella ice cream with tablea de cacao bits. Something I recommend to all. Next time, I will definitely want to try ube ice cream and the full pinoy food.

While we really did not see any activity for kids, we also enjoyed crossing Blaues Wunder. This is an old bridge that uses pins and bolts to connect steel bars together because there is no welding yet at the time. Nowadays, it is partly light blue to white from old age.

How was your weekend so far?



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