Summer holiday started with a trip to Wittenberg, a city where Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses against selling indulgences. My history knowledge about him was a bit rusty so I enjoyed the Lutherhaus Museum especially after seeing his living room and stove that was still intact somehow after almost 500 years.

Other things I learned about M. Luther:

1. Luther has a mentor that helped push him to a certain path.

2. Martin’s father was rich that he was able to go to school and study law.

3. He was in a good place / time and surrounded by the right people that he was able to live and escape excommunication and certain death.

4. He is a priest who married and have 6 children.

5. He translated the bible from Latin / Greek to the common tongue, German, which strengthened the language in the country.

6. He questioned the selling of indulgences and the ways that Roman Catholic was being run which uses the notion of fear for the “unknown” to earn money.


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