Sunday at Moritzburg

In the 1970s, there is an old German movie of Cinderella where the location was held at Moritzburg Castle. It is nice that the castle still exists in good condition.

Thanks to a very talkative female security personnel, I learned some things about the castle’s owner:

1. King Augustus der Starke was over 175 cm and is on a bulky side. He earned the nickname, der Starke (the strong), because he once broke a horseshoe. Of course it was already very old and was weathered by the changing season but story became exaggerated until it turned into a legend.

2. King Augustus der Starke has 1 wife, many mistresses and of course many children. His true heir however only had 1 ugly wife and they have 15 children together.

3. There are several huge portraits of the people who lived in this castle before and none of them shows a wide smile that you can see their teeth. This is because they all have very bad teeth.

4. The castle has nice hunting grounds and there are rooms with several deer antlers hanged all over the wall. It is a pride of sort to be able to have the most unique or most points of a deer’s antler.

Have you been to Moritzburg Castle yet?



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