🇵🇭 from Philippines 🇩🇪 made Germany a second home 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 a wife of 1, a mama of 2 ⌨️ environmental compliance projects 🎻 trying to learn violin

Straßbourg, France

Just a quick day tour. Because I want to see France. Here, I was seriously looking forward to trying out cheap, french street food but all I found was Brezel and Glühwein, a typical German snack in a typical German christmas market. Perhaps because Straßbourg used to belong to Germany but lost it to France…

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Hello Boy

We do not wish that our girl will stay in the hospital that long. So after helping me settle in my room, Mann went home with the girl. At 11 in the evening, I started to feel contractions but I hold myself well. Breath in. Breath out. I have done this before. By 3 in…

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A 4 days vacation before things become hectic and the next baby is out. Early in the morning, Mann will go fishing while we are still snoring. Later during the day, we explore places or just simply fly a kite. I like the Ukranenland which depicts an old slavic tribe called UKRI. Greetings,Karlota

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