Breakfast at Dusit Thani

The location and ease of access for Dusit Thani was difficult. A problem affecting all of Mactan, Cebu because of traffic. So getting to the resort or any resort for that matter is a torture so we wonder why we even bother in the first place.

And don’t let me start with pollution. Early in the morning, staff will ride a boat and clean up all the plastic/trash near its shores. Mann was looking forward to fish a bit but he is afraid that he will catch nothing but plastic. But this is a problem of the whole planet and not entirely Dusit Thani’s fault.

About the rooms, there is no family room available so if you request for an extra bed, the room can feel pretty small. But since I do not want to book another room just for an 8 year old for security/economic reasons, this is not Dusit Thani’s fault again.

Dusit Thani has an indoor playroom for small kids. The room was empty of staff so we let the kids played there for like 30 minutes. And then staff came in and asked us if the kids have already enjoyed the area because it seemed that there is a 600 pesos entrance fee. I said that we will leave the playroom then. 🤣

The breakfast at Dusit Thani is a grand thing with heavy foods like pizza being served even. Choices are abundant from different types of yoghurt, ice cream, bread, cheese, meat, cereal, milk, salad, egg, etc etc. They even serve Japanese, Korean and Indian dishes. And every morning, a man walks around carrying two aluminium buckets and asked the people if they care for a taho.

And since I am a pinoy, I have my eyes set on taho, puto maya and sikwati. But puto maya and sikwati MUST be eaten with a mango. This is like a golden rule. But where is the mango????

And this my friend is Dusit Thani’s one and only fault for missing out this teensy weensy detail. 🤣

Seriously, we had fun and enjoyed our stay at Dusit Thani. Have you tried this place yet?



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