Fishing and Mr. Chips at Pasir Ris

Our dinner for tonight depends on my girl catching a fish. 🤭

There were a lot of old people fishing too (my girl was the youngest fisher at that time) and they were able to catch really big fishes and then selling it to passerby.

Not bad for a retirement I must say. They had their fun, spent the day being active somehow and earning back the money spent for the bait and all.

So anyway, while waiting for that fresh fish and have another steamed fish HongKong Style, we went to the store nearby for a bottle of water and saw Mr. Chips being sold as well.

For your information, this is a product of Philippines. Something I enjoyed in my youth all the time. So I was surprised how it tasted differently than how I remembered it. Until I saw the label.

Quite fishy don’t you think that expiration date has a scratched printing so it only shows 250_2023?

And to make matters worse, it has a California Prop65 Warning. This means that similar to all that warnings about how cigarette kills, it is up to the consumer to decide whether they want to eat this or not to reduce the exposure of chemicals.

If you ask me, we have enough exposure from all known/unknown harmful chemicals so no need to volunteer myself to more exposure when I already saw the warning. The Mr. Chips in question went immediately to the trash bin.

Question: will you continue eating foods that has a warning label on it?



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