🇵🇭 from Philippines 🇩🇪 made Germany a second home 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 a wife of 1, a mama of 2 ⌨️ environmental compliance projects 🎻 trying to learn violin

Pregnant, again

I am pregnant again. And while I was at the doctor, Mann made this drawing to help our girl understand the latest news. Things are turning well for this year: Girl will be in Kindergarten soon, I got a home office job, baby number two is on the way. Greetings,Karlota

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Just Hired

Just when I thought that I will be a housewife in Germany forever, I suddenly got hired. And this job is absolutely perfect: 1. I do the same thing as what I have been doing for 8 years in Philippines. 2. It is home-based but once in a blue moon, I will be travelling to…

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A Bachelor Degree in Germany

I have a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering in Germany. Or so it says in this certificate from Kultusminister Konferenz (KMK), The Zentralstelle für Ausländisches Bildungswesen. Getting a job did not happen that quickly for me here in Germany. I have been asked if I can move to Cologne or Stuttgart but relocation is out…

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After some serious discussions, we ended up having a 4-days holiday in Rome. This Pinay won of course versus poor hapless German. Had to put my ugly feet down when Mann started planning one fishing trip after another. Like President Duterte who seeks to meet other Filipinos whenever he is abroad, we seek Filipino Restaurants….

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