Matcha Craze

Froth or Die. That is what I was thinking as I whisk away my bamboo chasen.

The longer I whisk, the more doubts I have.

Did I use enough Matcha? Why didn’t I check the temperature if it was exactly 80C hot? Is it even a good Matcha tea to begin with? What is the correct way to whisk anyway? The angle? The speed?

I cannot really expect to get it correctly the first time I try it. But, tea was good. With months of practice, I am sure I will get it right. And when I do, I would like to try brewing Oolong tea next.

Because next to Matcha, Oolong tea was the second tea we learned to love in Japan when we went there 48 years ago. 🤣

Do you like Matcha Tea?



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