A Late Picnic

Whit Monday is a holiday in Germany. And I do not cook on holidays. Or so I declared. So doing what a wife does best, nagged my Mann to take us on a picnic for dinner.

Cooked some rice at least because hello, Pinoy here and I am raising 2 half pinoys. Then I packed some picnic items and we were good to go.  Mann drove for 16km, stopped by Indian Restaurant and ordered a takeaway for 17 euro only.  We had a schnitzel meal that comes with kroketts and salad for the kids to share and a spicy Mattar Paneer that also comes with a salad for Mann and I to share. And this 17 euro already comes with an extra Naan Brot.

When everyone was full, Mann went to the nearby playground to play with the kids and I am left alone with a book that is written in 2 languages.

Can you guess what this book is?



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