Personal Trainer

With the acrobatic world cup going on and how amazed we are with ALL the athletes not just from Germany, Mann bought 2 handstand bars so we can do some trainings at home.

Both my kids is doing gymnastics but my girl is in the artistic category and works with the vault, balance beam and so on while my boy is in acrobatic of course.

Because we cannot set up a vault or balance beam and other aparatuses at home, we are all doing acrobatic (try at least for me especially) and have assigned our boy to be the leader or you could say, our trainer.

And mind you, he takes his job very seriously and he looked so proud to have us all looking at him as we wait for his instructions. 🤭 The boy will become a man someday and it is important that he is given a tasked to lead and accomplished at an early age.

Do you have a personal trainer at home?



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