I was told that I needed to be crowned. I checked the details for 2 crowns and it shows:

Total cost: 1500 Euro (90,000 pesos)

Insurance coverage: 400 Euro (24,000 pesos)

Remaining balance to be paid out of my holey pocket: 1100 euro (66,000 pesos)

And to be honest, I do not know anyone in Philippines who spent this much money for their teeth. My mom said that she got her crowns absolutely free thanks to the student of dentistry in Cebu Doctor’s University whose requirement for passing is being able to give good crowns. Where the heck do I find students of dentistry in Germany???

I told the dentist that I need to think it over a million times because you know, that is like a plane ticket to Neverland. My kids are aware that mama needs to be extra cheap so the next day when my boy asked for a toy, my girl screamed that we needed the money for mama’s teeth. 😵‍💫 This will be fun. I just hope they will not talk about mama’s teeth with their friends in school and kindergarten. 🤣

Have you been crowned as well?

P.S. photo from smilestories.



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