Girl sleepwalks. Not everyday but it happens sometimes. Each and every episode is different. Last night she stood up, started walking and when she hit the wall, she turned around and climbed back to bed. And always she cannot remember when I asked her about it the next day. It all looked so cute and funny though until you realize how dangerous it could be.

I was thinking to make an appointment with her doctor but google says that possible causes of this sleep disorder is genetics. How do you cure genetic issues? Mann still sleepwalks sometimes and he is a middle-aged guy experiencing lovely episodes of andropause. And I sleepwalked also as a child.

Something to observe I guess. For now, I need to keep the room safe and door closed because my fear is that she might walk out of her bedroom and fall down the stairs.

The boy does not have this problem however. At least not yet.

Are you a sleepwalker?

P.S. Pic from Children’s National



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