Christmas Note

A violin music sheet of “River flows in You” can be bought from 4 to 6 euro. But if you look hard enough (aka GMS Easy Violin at Youtube), you can also download it for free.

There is something very satisfactory about finding something and getting it for free. So as Christmas gift from me to me, I got this music sheet saved in my phone. I don’t know why when I cannot even play twinkle twinkle little star smoothly yet. This manang was feeling ambisyosa for one second I suppose.

Hope you had all a nice Christmas holiday. I have no work for the next 7 days and I will keep myself busy with practicing violin and reading a german book. Yes, I try to do something more worthwhile/ meaningful with my life other than watching korean/japanese/chinese series from netflix.

P.S. I am happy to recommend this Japanese drama: Why didn’t I tell you a million times with Takeru Satoh and Mao Inoue. 😅



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