VFS Global for Schengen Visa to Germany

Good news to those who wished to apply for Schengen Visa to travel mainly to Germany and lives in Cebu, Philippines because they do not have to travel all the way to Manila anymore.

Visa application center is now available in Cebu located in Kepwealth somewhere in Business Park near Ayala Mall. The same building where my mom freelance as casket vendor.

The visa requirements is on-point and must be checked directly at the embassy of Germany in Manila. For days now, I have been going through with it and sending necessary documents from my side to my parents. Booking an appointment however at VFS Global was a frustrating experience. For me anyway.

I have encountered some errors that is making me unable to finalize the booking and the VFS helpdesk people are not quite helpful to be honest. First they suggested that I create a completely new account and try again – still does not help. And just today, I was informed that january slots is now completely booked. 🤬 As I said, it was very frustrating.

But still I tried because I cannot give up and this time, I tried to book an appointment SEPARATELY. Call it fate or destiny or whatever shit like that but my parents have the same first name. And when they got married, my mom took my father’s family name and now they both have the same first name and last name. And it has created a lot of errors and problematic shit since 1981.

Anyway, back to vfs and contrary to what the helpdesk people are writing about, there is actually open slot still for January and I was able to finally book an appointment first for my father and then my mother. Wheeww!

So now, the ball is out of my hands. Crossing my fingers for my parents that everything will go well and that they can travel again to Germany for the second time around.

Have you tried submitting visa yet at VFS in Cebu?



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